Michael Andrade


Michael Andrade

Benefits Advisor


Mike has served in the healthcare, employee benefits, and financial services space since 1993. As an independent benefits advisor he is a champion for changing solving complex healthcare challenges with simple and effective solutions. He uses his unique combination of market data, practical innovations, research, and life experiences to help his client’s craft health plans built for long-term success.

Mike specializes in working with self-funded or would like to be self-funded plans. He is a lead advisor and team leader for his firm BenefitU and considers his job to be advocate, mad scientist, researcher, and service guru. He is a Certified Health Rosetta Advisor. This is an exclusive ecosystem of only 200 advisors nationally who are selected for their ability to impact plan cost while improving benefits through vetted national and local solutions that drive 10%-40% savings to employers.

Michael is not a native Texan, but he got here as soon as he could. He’s lived in the Houston area since 1996 and prior to that was a resident of California. Mike’s professional background includes:

  • Financial Underwriter for a major health insurance company
  • Consultant major accounting firm
  • Sales Leader with a major Insurance company
  • Executive for a major insurance company
  • Benefits Advisor for a national brokerage firm
  • Independent Healthcare Warrior

Andrade is the Founder and host of the industry-leading podcast Solving Healthcare, where he identifies and promotes companies that are positively disrupting healthcare. His podcast interviews can be found at www.solvinghealthcare.net and has been downloaded in 27 countries, 5 continents, and in almost every state in the United States.

Andrade resides in Sugar Land, TX with his wife Tracy. Together they have 6 kids and 2 grandkids.