Solving Healthcare Podcast

Episode #11 - Shane Wolverton | Mr. Wolverton’s Neighborhood

Would you be? Could you be? Won’t you be my medical neighbor based on your quality outcomes and...

Episode #10 - Quantros | Shane Wolverton

Shout! Shout! Let them all out! These are the doctors and hospitals I can do without!

Episode #9 - Validation Institute | RD Whitney

Get Up, Stand Up! Stand up for your cost savings rights!

Episode #8 - Vivio Health | Pramod John

Vivio Health | Pramod John | This spoonful of sugar will help the medicine go down!

Episode #7 - Payer Compass | Kellie Jackson

Payer Compass | Kellie Jackson | Are you down with RBP? (Yeah you know me!)

Episode #6 - SleepSafe | Steven Garrish

Dream a little dream of cPAP!

Episode #5 - Phia Group | Adam Russo

You gotta fight! For your right! To save money!

Episode #4 - Health Rosetta | Dave Chase

Whisper words of healthcare wisdom.

Episode #3 - Medliminal | Jim Napoli

My Hero! This guy is a real Foo Fighter!

Episode #2 - Quizzify | Al LewiS

How “I didn’t know that” could cost you $14,548 per person.