Solving Healthcare Podcast

Episode #21 - Dunham Law | Andy Dunham

When there’s a will, you do it your way.

Episode #20 - MedLiminal | Jim Napoli

What’s your Carrier doing to assure payment integrity process for COVID 19 Claims?

Episode #19 - Paytient | Chris Fisher

Money Changes Everything

Episode #18 - Allergychoices | Jeff Kessler

Vital Signs from Today’s Allergy Tom Sawyer

Episode #15 - HST | Edward Day

RBP: It’s in the way that you use it!

Episode #14 - MediBid | Ralph Weber

Money for nothing and your healthcare services for a much lower fee!

Episode #13 - Green Imaging | Cristin Dickerson

It’s the end of the imaging world as we know it, I feel fine!

Episode #12 - IMC | Chad Gray

I’m All Right, Nobody Worry About Me and My Musculoskeletal Conditions