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Episode #25 - Pratter | Bill Hennessey

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Pratterday in the Park, You’ll Think it is the 4th of July

A man playing guitar and singing for us all. Will you help him change the world? Can you dig it (yes, I can). We’ve been waiting such a long time for pratterday!

Our podcast discussion today between Michael Andrade and Bill Hennessey, CEO of Pratter. Bill is a licensed MD and Vice President of Musculoskeletal Billing, Inc, and CEO of Pratter. He has a very unique background and believes his mission is to educate, entertain, and leverage his knowledge to add value to his clients. During our podcast we discuss the problem with price variability and the dramatically higher prices we all pay as a result of hospital administration charges. Pratter aims to educate employers and employees on how to consume healthcare through Pratter’s services that include The Pratter Report, the Money Map, and their Search and Save Engine.

During our podcast we discuss the following areas:

  1. Price variability in health and how Hospital systems grossly overcharge for common simple services. Bill and I discuss how controlling this variability can drive 10%-20% in savings for typical self-funded plans.
  2. Bill’s unique background and what areas his company focuses to deliver value to his clients.
  3. The Pratter Report and how it can help you drive value to your plan immediately.
  4. The Money Map and how you can use it with your employees and your health plan.
  5. Putting it all together & how Pratter makes money.

If you’d like to learn how this and other programs can fit into your benefit strategy please feel free to contact me: Michael Andrade (832) 236-8966