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Episode #24 - AGG LLP | Henry Perlowski

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Taking Care of Business

Our podcast discussion today between Michael Andrade and Henry Perlowski of Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP. Henry is a partner in the Litigation practice, chair of the Employment Practice, co-chair of the Oil & Gas industry team, and a member of the Background Screening and Hospitals & Health Systems industry teams. He helps employers, employer service providers and boards of directors solve their most complex legal dilemmas. He’s been spending much of his time since social distancing started advising his clients on what to do during the pandemic and by helping his clients create pandemic response plans that are sensitive to their environmental, business, and operational needs and also activate the leadership teams to form a living plan. He’s working with his clients to create a plan that will be come the basis for employee safety, confidence, and engagement during their return to work. If businesses are already working, then he’s serving by making sure that they’ve done the proper risk assessment, communication, and action plan for employee safety.

During our conversation we discuss:

  • What is a Pandemic Response Plan and should you have one?
  • Who should be on your team?
  • The most important aspect of your plan.
  • What guidance is being given from State and Federal Government
  • Can you require employees come back to work?
  • Can you test your employees for COVID?
  • What else should you be mindful as you bring folks back to work to keep them safe?

Additional Resources:

  • CDC Businesses and Workplace Preparation and Information
  • White House Preparation and Information
  • US Chamber of Commerce

We are also posting his template for creating a pandemic response policy, a “How To” guide for what you need to consider. If you’d like to a free copy of these documents, please send me an email (Mike@solvinghealthcare.net) or feel free to contact me: Michael Andrade (832) 236-8966