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Episode #23 - Zero Card | James Millaway

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Our podcast discussion today between Michael Andrade and James Millaway of The Zero Card. The Zero Card is a unique breed of companies that’s creating a marketplace for services that have a huge variation in cost and quality. They focus on specific portion, 25% of your health plan spend and make it 12.5%. During our podcast we discuss a

  • What problem are they focusing?
  • How big is the problem for employers?
  • How does the problem affect employees?
  • How The Zero Card Program works.
  • Expected Outcomes
  • Ideal Customers
  • Long-term growth plans

This is definitely one you don’t want to miss as Jim is very passionate about his business and provides some pretty eloquent insights on what you can do now to take control of your health and give control to your employees (literally for free).

If you’d like to learn how this and other programs can fit into your benefit strategy please feel free to contact me: Michael Andrade (832) 236-8966