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Episode #17 - Health City Cayman Islands | Shomari Scott

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Destination Health

Our podcast discussion today between Michael Andrade and Shomari Scott Director of Business Development, Marketing, Sales and Communications at Health City Cayman Islands. In our interview we discuss Health City founding, the philosophy of their care delivery, and the amazing outcomes they’re able to deliver. This little hospital in just south of Miami has one of the best outcome ratings for quality in the western hemisphere and costs that are at or near medicare (which means roughly 1/3 the cost if the service were delivered in the US.)

Podcast highlights:

  • About Health City Cayman Islands – How long they’ve been in existence and how HCC delivers great value through high quality, low cost healthcare and outcomes that compete against US health systems
  • Bundled Pricing and how it works with HCC. Based off their roots from India and not having conventional insurance companies, they have to operate from a different level of efficiency.
  • Patients are by HCC. Close to 100,000 patients through their doors. See about 20k patients per year. 20% of their patients come from North America. 15% from US, 5% from Canada,
  • Destination Health – Close to home, far from expected. Only an hour from Miami and yet totally unexpected outcomes, bedside manner, international team, every single part of the journey that makes it special.
  • Lead In product for US Consumers – Innovative self-funded customers that want to do things differently. 80% of americans have savings <$2 but if it came down to it they couldn’t get the care they need or put their families in
  • Best marketing – word of mouth and incentives for employees. Check out their website and look at their testimonials.
  • Staff and Experience of the Staff (Center of Excellence) – Unique model that’s the only one like it in the world. Super specialists located in a unique part of the world.
  • Intake & Patient validation process – how HCC makes sure the surgery is needed and validate that the actual surgery is needed.
  • Executive Health Check up and the three things that help people understand how good HCC really is. JCI Accreditation & re-accreditation.
  • Ascencion – using Quality components that can benchmark HCC performance. <1% infection rate. Typical quality indicators
  • Cost of service vs. US standards – 50% to 80% less than US standards.
  • Overall Patient Experience. – Net Promoter Score – 87 and a phenomenal benchmark

If you’d like to learn how this and other programs can fit into your benefit strategy please feel free to contact me: Michael Andrade (832) 236-8966