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Episode #12 - IMC | Chad Gray

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I’m All Right, Nobody Worry About Me and My Musculoskeletal Conditions

Our podcast discussion today between Michael Andrade and Chad Gray, CEO of IMC. Integrated Musculskeletal Care. As the CEO of Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC), Mr. Gray is best known for his work helping Self-Insured Employers, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and Community Care Organizations (CCOs) improve outcomes associated with a leading health care spend: musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

The Company builds and manages Centers of Accountable Care (CACs) through PCP and virtual care platforms that deliver world-class musculoskeletal triage, self-care, and health care solutions, and also offers Big Data analytics capabilities essential to population health optimization for subpopulations disproportionately afflicted with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and related co-morbidities (including obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, anxiety, and depression).

In our podcast we discuss the following challenges and IMC’s approach to MSK management.

Background: Chad’s background directed toward biochemistry and medical field took a turn. It was that twist of fate or opportunity that helped drive him to shift toward physical therapy but from the purview of a scientist and outcomes. The melding of outcomes and application of physical therapy to discern an outcomes based approach to musculoskeletal management.

Problem: All medical disciplines have a similar problem. All care should start in Primary care. 52% of med schools do not offer any training on how to the other 48% offer a voluntary program but is purely voluntary. There’s a huge gap in PCP training on how to triage and appropriate treat MSK. #1, #2, or #3 plan spend for every employer in the country is MSK. Ton of highly variable treatment happens in this space. IMC standardizes around the assessment, treatment, and outcomes to affect more positively and refine & adjust to improve medicine in the area of MSK.

IMC Roots: Starting of the company with self-funded employers, local primary care practitioners, and eventually moved into working with innovative payors. Significant impact on utilization of high cost procedures, injections, and as a result significant reduction of costs and suffering by standardizing the process.

Impact: 15-20% of population getting Surgery, 35%-45% Invasive injections, 35-45% receiving advanced imaging or MRI. 70% reduction, 60%-70% reduction in Injections and imaging. About $1500/Per Member Per year reduction from $3,300 to $1,695 in cohort study. Measuring pain level at every encounter and science validates patient reporting outcomes seeing dramatic reduction in suffering and disability levels in about ½ the time as traditional therapy.

How it works: Discuss the treatment protocol, physician training, and venues for treatment. IMC is able to treat anyone in the US as a result of their model and ability to use smart technology and virtual visits.

If you’d like to learn how this and other programs can fit into your benefit strategy please feel free to contact me: Michael Andrade (832) 236-8966