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Employer Overview of the COVID-19 Vaccines

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For Business Owners, HR, and Leaders needing to communicate to employees and possibly family members. We're  posting HR Insights to share and answers the who, what, when, and how questions pertaining to Covid Vaccines.  To keep the blog article short, we've included a few of the questions and if you'd like more information, feel free to download the HR Insight Q&A.  Some Questions addressed:

  • What are common questions relevant to employers? Included in the link below.
  • Can I require my employees be vaccinated? Generally yes, but it may not be the best option.  EEOC FAQ's and insights included. 
  • What are the cost sharing requirements for the Vaccine? In most cases vaccines must be made available without cost sharing.  Link to the federal register rules also included.   
  • Are they worth getting? Understand there's been rigorous vetting and clinical trials.  
  • What are the side effects? Outlined in the article.
    and more....

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