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Common myths about COVID-19 Vaccines...

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You've probably heard that the vaccine will allow the world to open up again and it will bring about the end of the pandemic right?  You're probably excited about unicorns, and the leprechaun's that will come visit you too right? How many other gems could be easily turned into "office reality" and if not managed, could infect the work you've done to stabilize your office and create a safe place to work? 

To combat this, we've put together a document for you to share with your employees and team mates.  If you'd like this customized with your logo, please contact us and make sure we have your logo.   The link below is to the infographic that can be shared.  If you'd like to get in touch with us for some custom work feel free to reach out to anyone on our team by clicking through to Our Team we're happy to serve.

While the vaccine is encouraging, we're a long way from normal, some would say, that normal is unknown until we get there.  

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